What Clients say about David’s speaking:

Thank you for the excellent presentation, Cancer; It’s a Good Thing I Got It, at our 2012 General Membership Meeting and Dinner. I appreciate your professionalism as well as your easy going manner throughout. Selecting individuals who will appeal to a large majority of our members is always difficult especially if the presentation contains an important and serious underlying message. Based on the comments from our physicians and their guests, your very powerful message delivered with wit and an engaging style was appreciated greatly. I have been with the medical society for seventeen years and have had the pleasure of working with many outstanding speakers and entertainers during that time. However, from among that group of speakers you have the singular distinction of riveting the entire audience to their seats for your entire presentation. This is no small feat considering the tendency for my members to carry-on private conversations or leave in the middle of any presentation that lasts longer than fifteen minutes. It is a true testament to both your speaking skills and your message that neither my staff nor I witnessed any conversations during your presentation and nobody left until the event’s conclusion. I can assure you that this is unprecedented in my experience with our Society’s past events. In addition, your message was well received and taken to heart by a relatively tough audience which further serves as testimony to the quality of your program. It has been a distinct pleasure to work with you from the planning stage all the way through the close of the evening’s event. Thank you for making our meeting & dinner such a big success! I recommend you without reservation as a speaker to any medical, professional, or public, group. Your message and delivery is that powerful!
— Dean F. Larsen, M.A., CAE - Executive Director, Marion - Polk County Medical Society EST 1866
Let’s face it. The best values, vision, and mission statements mean absolutely nothing if morale and energy are low. Fortunately there’s a secret weapon you can use to give your team that “can do” and “will do” attitude. It’s David A. Koop, the professional speaker and bestselling author. David will boost your morale and keep your momentum going until you surpass goals in ways that will surprise you. Don’t go into your next meeting without him.
— Craig Valentine - 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking and Author of World Class Speaking
I met and previewed David’s speaking a few months ago. After that preview I have had him speak at two of our events since. David’s story is very compelling and really draws the audiences’ attention. He is a wonderful asset and brings a real world aspect to his talks. David is very dynamic speaker and his presentations were incredible. David was very attentive to the needs of each group, spoke in a plain and understandable way, used clean and natural humor, and added in real life emphasis, which always makes presentations more interesting and personal. The feedback from both of our groups was very positive. I would recommend him for any speaking engagement.
— Ron Sohnrey, Director - State of Oregon Employer Council
Working for the American Cancer Society, I hear a lot of survivor speakers and their stories. I think what was interesting about David’s story and his speech was his paradigm shift – that “why did this happen to me?” he took it and created more out of it. It was really inspiring and a different way to look at it. David was honest and sincere in what he had to say and has such a positive outlook. His story is amazing.
— Melissa Opland - American Cancer Society
As a speaker David was fantastic. His talk captured our attention for the full presentation and motivated us to be better leaders. He was also phenomenal to work with as far as a meeting planner- very thorough, on time, prepared, professional, experienced, thoughtful and delivered everything he promised.
— Stacey Anderson - National Association of Professional Organizers

What Readers say about the book:

    What if you could read a book that would contain simple strategies for living a life of abundance in health, finances, relationships, and contribution? Cancer- It's a Good Thing I Got It surprised me because it was not just a guidebook for those people who are directly or indirectly affected by this terrible disease.

David quickly pulled my attention into the book with his "Live life without boundaries" approach to life. David's life story is simply one that could never be made up...it's too enthralling. He does discuss his battle with cancer, but that is not the foundation of the book. The foundation of this book is about sticking to your core values, living life 100%, surrounding yourself with the right people, and loving those around you.

This book is easily one of the best books I have ever read!

-Dave "The Shef" Sheffield

    I met author David Koop at a recent Women's Fair where I was selling my book. Intrigued by the enormous response of people interested in David's story, I got myself a copy of "Cancer - It's a Good Thing I got It." Having seen Koop in person -- he's a giant of a man with an effervescent personality that fills any room he's in -- I was stunned when I read his memoir. To think a human being could endure what he's been through and present himself to the world as Koop does is nothing short of miraculous. He said I would laugh a lot and cry a little and learn some invaluable things from his book and he was right on all three counts. This isn't a high-minded or sappy woe-is-me testimonial meant to manipulate your heart strings. It's honest, raw and straight forward in a way only someone with the unique gifts Koop possesses could deliver. I will NEVER again whine about headaches, toothaches, sore muscles, bad drivers or the weather. (Well, maybe bad drivers). A great, life-changing read for men and women both.


    I had a chance to talk to David A. Koop and his wife Carrie at length before I read his book "Cancer, It's a Good Thing I Got It!" Now that I have finished the book, I can say that he truly embodies the core messages he presents in the book: eternal optimism in the face of adversity, taking ownership of your life's course by making conscious choices about how to live it, and the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships with the loved ones in your life.

The book tells two stories. The first half is a collection of anecdotes from David A. Koop's life before he was diagnosed with cancer. These anecdotes tell the story of a young man's journey to become independent and build a fulfilling career. He starts with his difficult home life as a teenager (which many people will be able to relate to easily), and moves into his struggle to build a career. He shares a host of exciting, frustrating, humorous and amazing stories. I have no doubt there are many more life stories Mr. Koop has to share, and he could probably fill another book with them. He is a natural story teller, the kind of guy you want sitting around the campfire at the end of the day, entertaining everyone with his various misadventures.

But there is also a lot of heart in these stories. He writes about his son, who he obviously loves and cherishes dearly, and the difficult relationship he had with his son's mother. This portion of the book was moving, and revealed an entirely different side from the adventurous, action-packed "man's man" in the stories leading up to it. I think Mr. Koop presents a balanced outlook on life that both men and women can relate to.

The second half of the book goes into Mr. Koop's journey with cancer. From the initial diagnosis, to the frustrating journey with numerous doctors and chemo and pain, up until today. If you or a loved one has battled or is battling cancer, you will relate to all of this. It may dredge up painful memories of going through the process. Or it will reflect what you are dealing with on a day to day basis now. So why read it? Because the eternal optimism that David Koop embodies is woven throughout his journey with cancer. He was diagnosed with a particularly severe form of cancer but he fought to maintain a positive attitude that I find admirable and inspirational. He also reminds us of the importance of cultivating love in your life. His love for his son and his wife and stepsons were a beacon that kept him on course toward recovery.

This book serves as a reminder to all of us that no matter how many difficulties life puts in front of you, no matter how many compromises you are forced to make, no matter how much you are forced to give up, there is always a way through the pain and struggle, there is always a reason to keep on living. You just have to be open to it, and go after it, even if you have to crawl towards it.

-David Hudnut

When I first got this book I looked at the title and felt really uncomfortable, I mean it is cancer and they are saying it is a good thing! It also stirred up a lot of notice and comments as I carried it about and took it with me to read by just about everyone who saw it. Since reading the book and hearing David's story I totally understand it's title and would say to everyone don't judge or dismiss it until you have read it.

The story is in short chapters and reads just like diary entries or like conversations with the author, it is very well done and really easy to follow. Any big words or procedures are explained so well that whether you have any medical knowledge or not you will be able to follow it with ease. Almost the first half of the book deals with the initial telling of the diagnosis and what lead it and his life up until that point, relationships, jobs etc. There is also quotes at the start of every new chapter which are also in themselves quite moving.

In the actual content some people might feel it is hard going as this is a truly honest account of what he went through from before, during and after his diagnosis. It is a open and both heart breaking and warming story of one man and his family dealing with something most of us hope to never have to encounter. From physical complications after treatments to the mental anguish of trying to cope after being told you are going to die. Trying to live with and beat the odds and breaking to the news to his family.

This book stirs up a host of emotions, sadness, joy, grief, laughter, hope, inspiration to name just a few. I feel this would be a quick read for most as it is hard to put down (it took me so long as work and Christmas has gotten in the way) but I could have easily read this in on sitting had time permitted.

I think this book would be a great read for anyone, whether you have been touched by cancer, feeling down or just want an uplifting (true) story then this is a book for you.


It was a joy to attain a signed copy of David's book at an author event. Despite the title, this is a delightful book to read. It will encourage anyone to strive harder and never loose sight of their goals.

Once begun, I could not wait to see how his life developed. David's life was hard from the start after loosing contact with his mother at age five. He tells of his life growing up, achieving success in the business world, gaining and losing love, and fighting cancer through short vignettes that make you feel as though he were sitting in your living room telling you the story while sipping warm cider in front of the fireplace. Although his story tells of some very difficult challenges in his life, he presents all without regret. Gratitude and joy weave through the book. He even manages to tell the dreadful story of cancer treatments with a sprinkling of humor. There are short quips of sage advice interspersed throughout the book.

Cancer, It's a Good Thing I Got It is an easy read, which is well worth your time and will leave your heart uplifted and encouraged.

-Barbara Hettwer

I connected with David on so many levels it was funny. He and my husband have the same oncologist and David described him to a T. Lots of hope and short stories here. I recommend it. My husband and I read it in 2 days. There was information in this book for people who are dealing with an illness and also for caregivers, what to say, what not to say, and how important it is to take care of themselves in the process.

But what surprised us most was so much information about living your own life at 100%. When I got my copy of this book David told me that i would laugh a lot, cry a little and learn a whole lot. He was true to his word and we suggest that you get your own copy. You will laugh a lot, cry a little and learn a whole bunch!



What Clients Say About David’s Coaching:

Erika A. - October 25, 2016

★★★★★ 5/5

“This is my first time trying a life coach and am I glad I tried!! David is PURE GOLD. He has years of life wisdom and a personality that just makes you feel comfortable, listened to, and like you can trust him with your most deepest life goals or the most surface. David is the real deal. PS His book is also a very worthwhile read for survivors and those that love them.”